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Optimise your real estate utilisation
Embrava Desk Booking Solution

Visitor Management System - VIP Greetings for All Your Visitors


Pronestor Visitor is a fully automated visitor registration solution that strengthens security and streamlines processing. With Pronestor Visitor your company registers its visitors in a secure, easy and professional manner that tracks visitors and which employee is hosting them. Throw away your paper-based registers and get with the Pronestor Visitor program.

Key Features

Complete Overview of All Visitors

With Pronestor Visitor, you get a valuable insight into everyone that visits all of your premises, from helicopter view, right down to the finest detail.

Multiple Entry Points and Locations

If you have multiple entry points or even multiple locations with multiple entry points, Pronestor Visitor keeps track of your visitors because it’s centrally managed.

Wifi Code Issued

You can opt to have the guest WiFi password printed on your visitor’s name badge. And it’s automatically disabled when they leave the premises.

Automatic Host Notification

When your visitors arrive at reception, you’ll be automatically notified of their presence via email and SMS.

Visitor Self Registration

Your visitors can register themselves when they arrive – rather than having to queue at reception. They simply enter their details and their name badge is printed and dispensed.

Automatic Re-registration

If you have a frequent visitor, they can re-register themselves, just by entering a few details. Pronestor Visitor remembers them.

Seamless Registration & Guest Check-in

Imagine your team being able to book a room, invite your external guests, book your guest a car park, have them pre-registered in your Visitor Management system, and then send them a meeting reminder.


Using the meeting reminder your external guest can navigate to your office from thier mobile, find the park you booked, scan a QR code to check-in and finally have an alert sent automatically to the meeting host when they check-in.  

You'll wonder how you did it any other way and your guests will be suitably impressed!  Let us show you how we can bring this experience to life.


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Optimise your real estate utilisation
Embrava Desk Booking Solution