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Embrava Desk Booking Solution

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Many organisations have chosen the path of activity based working but are still yet to grasp how critical it is to have systems and data that support the agile behaviours of this style of working.  Mapiq's smart office platform brings powerful simplicity to everyday tasks such as finding a desk, colleague, collaborative space and meeting rooms. Mapiq also brings together multiple data points across your smart office with numerous integrations and a range of detailed analytics ensuring facility managers understand how their workspaces are being used. 

Key Features

Mapiq Smart Office


Unplanned meetings have now become the norm and meeting spaces experience heavy demand. Mapiq's real time 3D workplace model and room finding logic will find you the right room ensuring you maximise space utilisation and save time. 

Mapiq Smart Office


Through our iOS and Android apps your smart phone becomes your personal office assistant helping you find your colleagues, rooms, desks and other spaces in a matter of seconds.

Activity Based Office


Mapiq's platform provides the innovative tools and data insights that support the flexible and agile behaviours of your activity based  workplace.  

Mapiq Smart Office


Make informed decisions on managing workspace utilisation. Mapiq's Power BI reporting engine provides a suite of customisable dashboards and reports on a wide range of anonymised, real time data points from your smart office.

Book Collaborative Spaces


Locating your colleagues has never been easier with Mapiq's wifi and iBeacon technologies. We make it easy to bring your teams together and ensure your employees can control what is shared via opt-in.   

Mapiq Smart Office


Mapiq's API opens a world of connections to 3rd party platforms including room bookings systems, sensors, facility management information systems, lockers, single sign on and more.

Your Smart Office

Mapiq’s web application revolves around our digital 3D map of your building which provides a quick and simple way find rooms, people, desks, lockers and more.  

Our flexible search options not only present a range of resources that match your search but also the next best alternatives right across your building.


We can even help you navigate from where you are now to where you need to be on the most direct route.


Hear from some of our customers how Mapiq has helped increase productivity, efficiency and improve employee satisfaction.

Office Wayfinding
Workplace Analytics

Data Driven Decisions


The costs of a sub-optimal workforce and poorly utilised office realestate are huge. Facility Managers crave accurate and detailed data insights to help understand how to enact positive workplace and workforce changes. 


Mapiq's Power BI reporting engine brings together information from multiple data points such as occupancy from rooms desks and collaborative spaces, office temperatures and even locker availability. All of which can be customised in a range of dashboards to suit individual user goals. 

We can also provide "what if" analysis on floor space consolidation or expansion modelling to help understand the potential impacts and benefits of altering your office footprint.

COVID Booking Solution


The If you're searching for a desk booking solution then there is a good chance you are searching because you are trying to establish a system for COVID compliant return to work.  A desk booking solution is one way to help solve the problem but there is another way......  

Mapiq's Office Shifts provides all the controls large organisations need to get your employees back to the office in a safe, controlled and compliant manner.  It ensures that Facility Managers can configure their workplaces into buildings, floors and areas each with rules for employee social distancing densities.  

Staff have an easy way to manage the shifts they want to book to come to the office and management can easily report and if need be access data to support tracing.


Mapiq Office Shifts can be used as a stand alone module outside of the Mapiq Smart Office platform.


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