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Interactive Displays & Floor Maps


Pronestor Display interactive meeting management software synchronises with scheduling tools such as Exchange, 365 and Google to optimise meeting room utilisation and improve staff efficiency


Resource & Catering Booking 


Pronestor Planner meeting management system delivers a highly configurable and scalable workflow solution for the booking of rooms, desks, vehicles, car parks, catering and any other shared resource. 


Workspace Utilisation

SenzoLive provides actionable occupancy and efficiency data insights that allow you to make informed decisions to optimise your workspaces and reduce real estate costs. 


Visitor Management

Pronestor Visitor is a fully automated visitor management system that replaces cumbersome paper-based processes.  See how our suite of solutions deliver the ultimate visitor experience.


What They Said 


"We chose Pronestor because they are an established company with a great solution that is used by customers all over the world.  Credibility and reliability was important. It was also vital that we could work with a local partner who had strong product knowledge and would answer the phone when we needed them. Zeplin has been fantastic in this respect.

Giving our employees complete clarity on real-time meeting room availability has made it so much easier for them to find rooms when they need it. The Pronestor solution has also been integral to changing our team’s habits around how they use meeting rooms. We now have accurate insights into how our rooms are being used ensuring we are planning properly for the meeting habits of our team.

Implementing the solution was seamless and quick and we also appreciated that with Pronestor’s offering we had a range of choices when it came to hardware for the room panels."

Nicholas Lloyd-Shrimpton

Service Delivery Manager - HESTA


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