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Embrava Desk Booking Solution
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Desk Booking Solutions


We know that workplaces often have different needs for the management of desk booking policies.  With help from our partners we have flexible options from both a software and hardware point of view that can deliver your desired outcomes. 

Pronestor Workspace

The latest edition to the Pronestor product suite will make it beautifully simple for your team to manage their desk bookings.  Configure your numerous office locations and departments / areas and then create different types of desks you wish to make available for either advanced booking, on-the-spot booking or permanent allocation.

The mobile responsive interface of Pronestor's desk booking software makes it simple to book your desk on the way into the office and you can also use our QR codes to book and check-in right at the desk. If you need to work with a specific colleague, we have that covered too ensuring you can find where they are sitting and easily grab a desk near them. 

In order to also help you comply with any COVID based concerns we can also provide booking data for any traceability requirements.


The Pronestor Workspace desk booking solution is extremely simple and quick to deploy and can also integrate with hardware devices such as the IADEA Desk Booking solution.  Like Pronestor's other solutions, you can use Pronestor Workspace as a stand alone module giving you complete flexibility. 

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Mapiq Office Shifts


If you're searching for a desk booking solution then there is a good chance you are searching because you are trying to establish a system for COVID compliant return to work.    

Mapiq Office Shifts provides all the controls organisations need to get your employees back to the office in a safe, managed and compliant manner.  It ensures that Facility Managers can configure their workplaces into buildings, floors and areas each with rules for employee social distancing densities.  

Establish connections with colleagues you want to work with so you can see when they're in the office and be able to book a desk or shift near them. 

Use the smart floor map wizard to design your own interactive floor maps and then wrap booking policies around those areas as required.

Embrava Desk Booking


Embrava's desk booking solution is designed to match the challenges of booking desks in your agile office environment.  Suited to not just desks but also areas such as touchdown booths and huddle rooms. 


Able to integrate to a range of specialised resource booking platforms as well as Microsoft 365, customers can augment their current booking systems with Embrava's devices or simply add bookable spaces to Office 365 resource calendars and use Outlook as your booking channel.

Easily recognise desk availability with the range of coloured statuses, check-in / out with your ID card and use touch screen interactions for spontaneous bookings.    

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