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Room Booking System


Meeting Room and Resource Booking Software Made Easy


Planner by Sign In Workspace delivers a highly configurable and scalable workflow solution for the booking of rooms, vehicles, car parks, catering and any other shared resource. Use it as a standalone web-based tool or integrate seamlessly with Outlook for the expanded booking functions your organisation needs.

Key Features


Outlook Integration

Planner meeting room booking system integrates seamlessly with Outlook calendars. Meeting organisers can book right from Outlook, the software they use every day.



Administrators can access our comprehensive Insights analytics module which provides detailed reporting to support decision making and workplace planning.


Multiple Time Zones and Locations

Cut out wasted time and inconvenience by being able to see and book your meeting rooms across multiple time zones and office locations.


Video Conference Planning

Linking meetings around the world? Pronestor Planner shows you time zones, locations and rooms with appropriate equipment.


Data Export

The data export module gives you the data you want, in the format you want it, when you want it. Use it for expense management, timings, usage – and have it fed into your own IT systems.


Shared Facilities Handled Smoothly

When multiple organisations occupy the same premises, and there are shared meeting rooms or kitchens, Planner uniquely allows everybody access to the same booking solution across their individual IT-platforms and networks.

Intuitive User Interface & Booking Flow

Sign In Workspace's continued investment in their product suite means customers benefit from frequent releases of enhancements and new features for Pronestor Planner. 

The flexible tabs and agile work flow delivers an intuitive and simple booking experience. This minimises the time required on booking rooms, resources and catering whilst bringing a range of powerful functions to the process. 

Planner is also designed to be responsive for use with tablets and other mobile devices.


Keep Rooms in MS Exchange – book from any device


Connect to MS Exchange and go! Installing Planner and performing a proof of concept is simple. Keep your room resources on Exchange / 365 and install Planner on a web server. Connect the two - the rest is migrated automatically. You don’t have to make any changes to how you work already. Book meeting rooms in Outlook as usual – from any device!

Integrated Catering Management


Did you know Planner can also be used to manage catering orders? It’s specially built for corporate catering and the professionals that work in the field. Additionally, smaller kitchens providing catering for companies as well as companies with an internal kitchen or canteen will also be able to take advantage of all the benefits Planner offers.




Putting systems alone in place is just not enough anymore.  Managers need to interrogate data to support decisions that impact how their workplace and resources are being used and also the habits of their people.

Insights is included with Planner and provides a range of granular and configurable data views showing behavioural insights and utilisation metrics, including data feeds from Visitor and Display.

By combining quantitative data from Insights with qualitative data from your people, you will have greater clarity over how you manage your workplace.


Seamless Guest Registration & Check-in

Imagine your team being able to book a room, invite external guests, book the guest a car park, have them pre-registered in your Visitor Management system, and then send them a meeting reminder.


Using the meeting reminder your external guest can navigate to your office from their mobile, find the park you booked, scan a QR code to check-in and finally have an alert sent automatically to the meeting host when they check-in.  

You'll wonder how you did it any other way and your guests will be suitably impressed!  Let us show you how we can bring this experience to life.

On Your Server or Hosted in the Cloud


Planner is totally flexible. We recognise that the cloud isn't for everyone yet so we ensure you have complete choice with both on-premise and cloud hosted options available. Either way, Pronestor Planner doesn’t interfere with or disrupt your existing email or calendar solutions.


For our cloud based solutions, all data is stored in Amazon's data centres in compliance with the highest level of security and data privacy standards in the market.


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