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Revolutionise Meeting Room Bookings with Pronestor Display


Sick of double bookings, interruptions, no-shows and never being able to find a meeting room? Pronestor Display is a contemporary and professional meeting room display system that provides an interactive view of your company’s meeting room resources. All displays update in real-time to reflect changes made in your booking system. Get the most out of your meeting rooms, work spaces and employees with Pronestor Display.

Our Meeting Room Display Features Tick all the Boxes

On-screen Interaction

Interact with your booking system right at the meeting room. Use the conference room display to book on the spot, extend, end your meeting early, see what's on and when, manage no-shows.  

Central Administration

Manage all of your rooms across multiple locations and floors from a centralised web console. Change business rules, display interactions and designs per device, all in a matter of moments.

Flexible Design

Manage a myriad of customisable design options to bring your corporate brand to life on the meeting room display. Vary your design by room, by area, by floor, by location.....it's all up to you!

Hardware Independent

We don't lock you in. Choose from a wide range of devices. Local warranty and readily available without paying for expensive devices forced upon you by other vendors.


Error Reporting

Equipment not working properly in the meeting room? Customise the equipment list for each room and Pronestor Display will notify your support team when you log a fault on the room panel.    


Get insights into the utilisation of your rooms to ensure your valuable spaces are not being wasted. Check how many no-shows are occurring and instil better meeting habits amongst your staff. 

Cloud Hosted or On-premise

Exchange, 365, Google & More

We understand that some customers still prefer to have solutions hosted in their own environment. All of our solutions give you the choice of on-premise or cloud hosting.


Simple and fast integration with a variety of booking platforms without having to actually install any software on your booking systems. 


Room Display Panel

The simple, must-have meeting room display option to improve your meeting room utilisation.


Provide a real-time view of room status allowing a variety of configurable touch functions to interact with your booking solution, right at the room door.


Flexible hardware options and a wide range of customisable design options for your corporate brand.

Flexible Hardware Options


Looking for the right hardware for your conference room display solution? Stop looking and let us help you.

We work closely with distributors of professional digital signage hardware devices that are purpose built for meeting room displays.  They are locally supported and offer a diverse range of functions including built in LED lights as well as power and data over ethernet.


Pronestor also develops our own sleek glass wall mounting plates to complete that professional finish.


We also provide devices to trial so please get in touch

if we can help.


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