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Through our partnership with Pronestor and SenzoLive we bring a suite of complimentary solutions designed to optimise your meeting management processes and workspace utilisation. We are able to provide you with powerful insights on how your corporate real estate is being used and also deliver a set of solutions that will streamline meeting processes across your business.

Zeplin are experts in our domain and we work with each customer to thoroughly understand specific challenges so our solutions are targeted for maximum benefit.  


Pronestor was founded in 2001 driven by the desire to provide companies with the most effective software solutions for optimising company resources as well as simplifying day-to-day tasks. Pronestor's success is predicated on their stable of top tier brands such as 3M, Pfizer, Maersk, Zappos (Amazon) and many more, in over 34 international markets. Pronestor's sole focus is the development of innovative solutions for meeting and resource management as well as visitor registration.

SenzoLive is based in Finland and was founded in 2015. They act globally but believe in Nordic quality. Research & Development, operations and manufacturing are based in Finland. With customers ranging from small enterprises to global multinationals.


At Zeplin, we are passionate about good old-fashioned customer service. Choose to deal with a local partner who will answer the phone when you need them.

Zeplin is a pre-qualified supplier for Localbuy under the the ICT Solutions and Services BUS 274 Contract.  See Localbuy offer here

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