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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Health - Safety - Wellbeing -  Productivity - Compliance

Remote CO2 monitoring for COVID resilience
Wireless plug & play IoT solution 5 years maintenance free

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“The World Health Organisation estimates that nearly 30 percent of new and remodelled buildings worldwide have indoor air quality problems”

Air quality at your workplace has never been more important


  • We spend 90% of our time indoors - workplace, school, gym etc.

  • Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) = reductions in productivity, increased health issues and significant cost to employers through absenteeism 

  • COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses transmit via airborne droplets expelled by others  

  • Concentrations of hazardous chemicals are commonly present in indoor workplaces 

  • Building owners and employers face increasingly stronger compliance standards for the IAQ in their buildings as well as potential litigation

  • Employees expect and deserve a safe and healthy workplace

CO2 Monitor
Indoor Air Monitoring

Breathing easy with IoT: monitoring indoor air quality for health and safety

Our FAQ on IAQ Monitoring may also help

Learn More About IAQ Monitoring

Our Solution - simple, versatile, long life, low cost and accurate

Co2 Sensor

Measure What Counts

Our sensors measure Humidity, Temperature, Carbon Dioxide and Particulate Matter

Air Quality Monitoring

Unbox, Mount, Go!

Our sensors arrive ready to use. Simply unbox, note the unique sensor ID and where it is being placed. Data begins transmitting to our cloud every 30 minutes

healthy workplace air

Admin Portal

Our cloud gives you access to all your data, various reporting options as well as configuration and management of all your sensors

CO2 sensor

Long Life & Zero Maintenance

Our sensors have a 5 year battery life and require no maintenance

Clean Office Air

Instant Alerts

We'll tell you if something is not right. Our cloud will send nominated users real-time email and SMS alerts if your custom thresholds are breached


building ventilation

Highly Scalable

Our cloud platform makes it simple for you to manage large sensor volumes across multiple sites

Healthy Office Air

Compact, Mobile & Cable Free

Our sensors are battery powered - no cables. Simple to mount with the ability to move them around your building as required.  Sensors measure 100 x 100 x 30mm


office air quality

No Wifi Required

Our sensors will arrive ready to transmit data to our cloud immediately. There is no wifi or network connection required on your part.....ever

humidity sensor

Any Building, Anywhere

Avoid legacy Building Management Systems and retro-fitting cables. Suitable for offices, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels and more.....


Getting Started


Begin with our simple starter package or get in touch with us and we can customise a package to suit your needs.

We provide different sensor types for broad spectrum coverage:

  • One sensor measures CO2, Humidity and Temperature

  • The other measures Particulate Matter

We recommend 1 CO2, Humidity, Temp. sensor per meeting room and 2-3 sensors per 100m2 of open space. We also recommend one Particulate Matter sensor per 100m2.  Move your sensors around your workplace periodically if you wish to measure different spaces.

We'll ship your sensors out to you with a simple deployment guide and personally take you through how to use our cloud Admin Interface.


Local, friendly support every step of the way. 

* Annual software subscription for Starter Package is $725 

   Poor signal strength may require booster at additional cost


Starter Package


8 x CO2, Humidity, Temp. sensors

2 x Particulate Matter sensors

1st year cloud software subscription *

500 SMS alerts


Shipped to your door


Local support, on-boarding & training


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