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Measure Your Workspace Utilisation


Aside from the cost of human resources, the largest cost facing many businesses today is real estate expenses. Office layouts, collaboration methods and workforce habits are shifting, and without utilisation metrics to tell facility managers how various spaces are being used there is a very strong chance that you have a sub-optimal layout which is translating to a substantial waste of money. 

If the following statements and questions resonate with your workplace, you should be speaking with us...... 

  • Our office is never fully occupied

  • Our meeting rooms are in short supply

  • What is true maximum number of seats we utilise each month?

  • What is the average number of seats in use every month?

  • How can we increase usage of our poorly utilised workspaces?

  • How can we optimise our real estate asset to improve our collaboration and innovation?

  • How can we ensure our people are the most productive they can be, relative to the space we have provided?

  • Are our meeting rooms the right sizes? Can we change them to improve their efficiency?

Key Features

Real-time Data

You will have access to the SenzoLive cloud-based management portal where you can access a diverse range of analytics driven by your sensor data.


We work with you to design custom maps of your workspaces enabling you to easily manage and monitor all spaces. Our reporting suite provides tailored and accurate data that allows you to make informed decisions on your real estate utilisation.


Our sensors are compact units that are placed conveniently below desks or tables or in specific positions for open areas.


Our unique sensor design provides highly accurate occupancy metrics which upload to the cloud wirelessly in real-time. 


SenzoLive is a turnkey solution. We provide a complete service model for our customers including system installation, introduction, support, maintenance and system hosting.


We offer a system that is easy to use and fits seamlessly to your workplace. 

Real-time dashboards 

Heat maps

Real-time occupancy view per seat

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