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Workspace Sensors & Utilisation Data


Aside from the cost of human resources, the largest cost facing many businesses today is real estate expenses. Office layouts, collaboration methods and workforce habits are shifting, and without utilisation metrics to tell facility managers how various spaces are being used there is a very strong chance that you have a sub-optimal layout which translates to a substantial waste of money. 

Real-time dashboards 

If the following statements and questions resonate with your workplace, you should be speaking with us...... 

  • Our office is never fully occupied

  • Our meeting rooms are in short supply

  • What is true maximum number of seats we utilise each month?

  • What is the average number of seats in use every month?

  • How can we increase usage of our poorly utilised workspaces?

  • How can we optimise our real estate asset to improve our collaboration and innovation?

  • How can we ensure our people are the most productive they can be, relative to the space we have provided?

  • Are our meeting rooms the right sizes? Can we change them to improve their efficiency?

Workplace utilisation sensors

Why Our Approach is Different


Don't get stuck with a vendor who prescribes only their own sensors.  Sensor technology is now extremely diverse and its vital you select the right type of sensor for the specific problems you are trying to solve. We have done all the hard work to evaluate sensors from many manufacturers, so make sure you talk to us before you invest in sensor hardware.


Wide choice of sensor devices

We know customers are trying to solve different problems and therefore need a variety of workplace utilisation data. There is no single device to cover the diverse range of use cases. We take time to understand the specific use cases you are trying to address and can prescribe the right device at the right price to measure just about any space in your building. 


Connect to any platform

We have our own switching platform that can connect your devices to any system.  That may include any number of booking platforms in the market or even your own data repository so you can run your own analytics.  Let us know what you need and we will create a connection that allows you to harness your sensor data in the required manner.


Consolidate data from multiple devices & reporting systems

Our approach means you don't have to get stuck with picking devices from just one vendor just so you can get all your data in one place.  Our switching platform can connect to any sensor platform, consolidate your data and present it inside our powerful reporting dashboards. We can even deliver the data to your own in-house analytics platform if you wish.       

If you're stuck trying to make sense of occupancy analytics from disparate reporting systems, we have a solution for you.  

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Sensors from various vendors

Sensor data

Vendor sensor platform

Zeplin switching platform

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Booking Systems

Analytics Reporting Systems


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