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Mapping and Wayfinding


Steerpath's innovative platform provides professional indoor maps, navigation and positioning technology. Our API and SDK also allow organisations to integrate our highly scalable technology into your own applications to deliver your own customised user experience.  

Smart Campus 


Steerpath Campus Guide uses the latest digital mapping and wayfinding technology to transform campuses  into interactive digital spaces. We can help you improve your visitor experience and staff satisfaction as well as optimise space utilisation and availability. We make it easy to search, navigate and work across all areas of your facility.  Campus Guide has been developed together with leading universities to help both staff and students manage their typical daily tasks. 

Smart Hospital


Steerpath Campus Guide is using the latest digital mapping and wayfinding technology to transform hospital facilities into interactive digital space. We help improve your visitor experience, patient satisfaction and optimise staff efficiency. It is an easy to use mobile tool for searching, navigating, and working across the hospital campus - from the parking lot to the patient room.


Indoor Positioning

Steerpath offers professional indoor navigation and positioning system across industries and types of venues. Our Bluetooth beacon-based indoor positioning and wayfinding work reliably in different environments. Our system for indoor tracking works without wires and helps you track assets and people inside a building in real-time.


Our indoor navigation system, asset tracking, and analytics solutions are used by companies spanning from Airports to Hospitals and from University Campuses to Offices. Steerpath now powers applications all around the world, including Singapore Changi Airport.

Steerpath's technology is available as an indoor positioning SDK and can be integrated with ease to any existing system. We provide several functionalities on one platform, including interactive 3D maps, wayfinding, indoor positioning, space availability information and room/space booking solutions.

Steerpath gives the organisation a single, up-to-date data set of the campus and eliminates the need to maintain siloed versions of the same data. Unlike any image-based mapping solutions, Steerpath maps are directly connected to actual facility CAD drawings for easy updates. Integrate into existing systems. Thanks to the open nature of the platform, no vendor lock exists as all data is available through open APIs.

It provides a seamless indoor-outdoor wayfinding experience. Embed maps as part of your company's website, use the Kiosk app in interactive displays, and QR-code/SMS based links for accessing the maps on mobile


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